Shooting with Fujifilm X series camera’s

I fell into Fujifilm quite by accident. 2017 in my local charity shop a chap was trying to get rid of some items. But the store didn’t take camera equipment. I’d already spotted the camera he was holding (a Fujifilm X-T1 and the 35mm f1.4) I’ll be honest I thought it was a film camera. I said I’d give him £25 for it, SOLD!!

And so it began.... 


i soon took took the camera away in a family holiday, to play with. I loved how it looked, the size and the feel. On an evening walk with my wife I took this image;



It was one of those beautiful late summer evenings, with a fantastic orange/pink sunset. But man those colours! Straight out of camera JPEG. the colours in my wife’s hair, the shadows, even the soft/missed focus and I fell in love with the camera. 


Next came came the BIG QUESTION!!!

Could I shoot profesionally with a Fujifilm x-series camera?