Weddings with a fujifilm x-t1/2

It’s small it’s light, it looks like a film camera, yes I am the wedding photographer and yes yours may be bigger than mine.... 

having been a Nikon shooter for years, lugging round a set of humongous D4’s, that shounded like a machine gun every time I pressed the shutter. Coming over to the fujifilm system left me feeling a bit less “pro”. 

Waiting for mum

Waiting for mum

the first wedding i shot using the Fujifilm X series cameras, was a friends wedding. I went with a x-t1 with the 50-140mm f2.8 and an x-t2 with the 16-55mm f2.8. Both from the fujifilm XF lens line up. Now a few years on I know that these lenses are amazing. Both giving great image quality and I love them dearly..  But man!! At the time I did not feel pro. Guests at the wedding asked why I was using film cameras, and were giving me a decerning look. one even asked why I didn’t have a real camera....

Getting ready

Getting ready

I continued to do my thing for the day shooting the wedding as it happened. I’m very much a photojournalist, a story teller. I quickly realised after my initial feelings towards the camera system, that people were ignoring me. Gone we’re the days of my massive noisy DSLRs that made people turn away and in came quiet, almost invisible and candid moments. No one knew I’d even taken a picture

Just married

Just married

scroll forward two weeks. the images were delivered and man! I was happy with the results I got.

A really intimate up close and loving capture of a friends wedding day.

needless to say I no longer own my Nikon’s and am a full time Fujifilm use

Shooting with Fujifilm X series camera’s

I fell into Fujifilm quite by accident. 2017 in my local charity shop a chap was trying to get rid of some items. But the store didn’t take camera equipment. I’d already spotted the camera he was holding (a Fujifilm X-T1 and the 35mm f1.4) I’ll be honest I thought it was a film camera. I said I’d give him £25 for it, SOLD!!

And so it began.... 


i soon took took the camera away in a family holiday, to play with. I loved how it looked, the size and the feel. On an evening walk with my wife I took this image;



It was one of those beautiful late summer evenings, with a fantastic orange/pink sunset. But man those colours! Straight out of camera JPEG. the colours in my wife’s hair, the shadows, even the soft/missed focus and I fell in love with the camera. 


Next came came the BIG QUESTION!!!

Could I shoot profesionally with a Fujifilm x-series camera?